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Since 1998 , We have been in the upstate of South Carolina smoothing lawns, utilizing Top Dressing & Deep Plug Aeration

What Is Top Dressing ?

It’s the same method that is used on Golf Course putting greens to produce a smooth carpet like turf. Sand is the primary material used for Top Dressing. Top Dressing introduces new soil to existing turf, which will level the surface and promote the decomposing of thatch.

The Upstate has a clay based soil by applying sand to the soil it improves the color and promotes growth for Bermuda / Zoysia / Centipede / Fescue turf grasses.  Top Dressing with sand will improve Drainage, softens lawn surface & stimulates Growth in areas of underdeveloped turf.

Top Dressing Is Ideal!

For Smoothing lines, gaps & patches in newly laid sod.

• Smooth turf surface
• Enhances nutrient/ oxygen exchange to roots
• Promotes water penetration
• Stronger root system and turf resilience
• Improves drainage and water penetration
• Reduces insect and disease
• Improves thickness, vigor, & overall turf health

A Fairway lawn on your side of the fence

deep plug aeration

The challenge

The challenge we have in the upstate is our red clay soil, which becomes compacted, impenetrable and sheds water and nutrients. Raising your water bill and smothering out the health of your lawn.

Deep Plug Aeration is all about developing the health of the root zone. The aerator prunes the sprigs at the root and leaf level. This opens the root area which will allow penetration of fertilization, oxygen and water. This will improve the root depth and growth which benefits the nutrient uptake by the turf grass.

Top Dressing with sand after aerating promotes vigorous root growth for a healthy turf.
  • Stimulates new root development and turf growth
  • Loosens compacted soil
  • Promotes water penetration
  • Provides fertilizer /oxygen penetration into root zone area
  • Enhances nutrient uptake by plant
  • Improves turf thickness, vigor, and overall health of roots
  • Encourages thatch breakdown

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More Info

We have been in the upstate of South Carolina, Top Dressing and Aerating since 1998. ProTurf specializes in leveling lawns, transforming sports fields and maintaining putting greens.

Our outlook is simple: We treat your lawn as if it was our own.

Located In: Greenville, SC 29615
(864) 901-7879